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I am an artist living and working in the West Midlands.

My current visual work falls into two categories - pen and ink drawings and small linocut prints which I sell on-line.

You can explore both strands of my practice in the gallery of this website.

I hope you enjoy your stay in my virtual gallery!


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Autumn Dancer Recuction Linocut Print


Autumn Dancer

Linocut Print


The Baby and The Bindweed Pen and Ink Drawing

The Baby and The Bindweed

Pen and Ink








Occasionally I tweet (very occasionally)

I also post news about my artwork, new items for sale in my shop or exhibitions, again it's occasional - find these sporadic postings on Facebook

I have discontinued by blog Perfectible Spark, but you can take a look at the archive going back 9 years here

You can purchase modestly priced small linocut prints on Ebay where I call myself Itsypics.


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