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___Where I work

I work in a very small physical space which is part of the box room in my home. As space is at a premium I am limited to working on small pieces, though sometimes having such a restriction is a good thing, as it forces the imagination to work harder. Another puzzle to solve.

Picture of artist's Studio

Indespensible item: My daylight lamp

Linocut in progress

Indespensible Item: My tablet - I work directly from the screen


__Inspiration and Process

Nature is my inspiration. Always. And my emotional response to it, as well as the visual.

Recently imagination has come to play more of a part in some of my compositions, particularly my pen and ink work. I have always thought in terms of stories and poems as well as images. I used to write fiction and poetry but now I focus my energy on visual art. Recently I have begun to chanel my story telling into my pen and ink drawings.

In 2016 I began a series of Black Country pictures, imagined folk tales fueled by my love of folk music (particularly the gloomy kind - nearly always rural and full of ghosts and dark doings). I love the countryside, the sea and all the free places where you can move without constraint. Once upon a time, I imagine, the constricting urban environment in which I live had its rural and unrestricted places too. Photographs from a hundred years ago (or less) show factories existing side by side with the plough and sheaths of golden corn.

So the drawings I have been making about the old (possibly fictitious) Black Country are my own very personal whimsies. Melancholy, mysterious, half in-half out world that is as fragile as a dandilion clock, as portentious as dark cloud above the ocean.


Pen & Ink

I have worked in dip pen and ink since being introduced to the medium at Secondary school. I purchased my first dip pen nibs from a tiny art shop in Dudley, and loved the smell of the India Ink (it doesn't seem to smell the same these days, I don't know why).

The summer I took my A Levels I won prizes at school from the local Rotary Club for drawings of factories and local buildings, though I neglected the medium during art school as that kind of drawing wasn't encouraged. I wasn't cool or experimental enough.

Years later I returned to it and found that I loved the medium more than ever.

'Easter Sunday 2012' in progress. Take a look at the finished drawing here


I have been making linocuts for a year now. Small prints are available to purchase on-line via Ebay and Etsy. They are bright and cheerful, modestly priced, designed to brighten up your day and maybe remind you of a happy holiday or to take you out of your mundane surroundings for a while.

My linocuts tend to be small either A5 or A4 size as they are hand pressed using the back of a spoon and my hand. I have also used a Japanese Baren and a domestic iron for extra pressure.

I like linocuts because they present me with the opportunity to combine a graphic element with colour. Not quite paintings, not quite drawings, but a happy bridge somewhere in between.


Q & A

If there's anything you'd like to know about any aspect of my work, please e-mail me, I'll do my best to answer you and I'll post my response on this website.

Mug containing dip pens

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