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___About The Artist


I work from my home in the Black Country, West Midlands, and take inspiration from the many lovely places I have visited over the years. I graduated with a 2:1 in Graphic Design (specialising in illustration) in 1988 and have exhibited my artwork in open exhibitions as well as putting together two small exhibitions of my work in a city centre library. I have also won prizes for my artwork including a Derwent Prize at the Patchings Exhibition and the GMC Prize at the RBSA's annual Prize Exhibition.

I work mostly from the photographs which I take with my digital camera and I have built up a large library of images over the years for this purpose. I also try to work in my sketchbook when I get the chance.



I have worked in many different types of media over the years, including collage, pastels, charcoal, pencil, fineliner pens, coloured pencil, and a mixture of media. Mainly at the moment I work in pen and ink, linocut print or acrylic painting. I like to mix media together from time to time as well, and I'm always happy to try out something new.


Pen and Ink

For many years I worked exclusively in dip pen and ink, a medium I was introduced to by my art teacher, Mr Trafford, at secondary school. I took to this medium and still love it. There is nothing like getting lost in cross hatching or stippling with an ink soaked metal nib. I love the directness, the intensity and the historical nature of the medium of pen and ink.

Pen & Ink

In 2017 I was very proud to be awarded the GMC Prize at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA)Prize Exhibition with my pen and ink drawing 'Sleeper'.

'Sleeper' was an imaginary composition inspired by my love of folk music, and dreaming of a time when the industrial landscape of the Black Country still retained elements of a now long lost agricultural past.




Since 2017 I have been creating linocuts which I press at home using my hand and the back of a spoon. I have also used a Japanese Baren and an old electric iron (not plugged in!) when working on larger prints. Most of my prints have been 6 inches x 4 inches or 6 inches x 8 inches format and mostly small edition sizes, but I have experimented with a larger format (when the iron comes in handy!).

I like linocuts because they present me with the opportunity to combine a graphic element with colour. Not quite paintings, not quite drawings, but a happy bridge somewhere in between.

Urban Meadow Linocut Print 2017

Urban Meadow

'Urban Meadow' was exhibited at the RBSA's Metropolis Exhibition in 2017. The compostion was based on photographs I took in Birmingham and I tried to convey a perhaps uncharacteristic view of a greener city with the movement of birds, weather and nature towering over the blocks of flats and road signs.


Acrylic Paintings


I work on paper and stretched canvas and like my linocuts my paintings tend to be on a small scale as I am limited for space. However despite the small scale of my work each piece has a big heart and I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture and convey the drama or the natural beauty of a scene in the big wide world on a small domestic scale.

Kidwelly Acrylic Painting 2020

Acrylic on Hahnemuhle Acrylic Pape

'Kidwelly' was exhibited at the Wales Contemporary exhibition, which was held at the Waterfront Gallery, Milford Haven. Unfortunately due to lockdown the exhibition was cut short, however I was very happy that my painting sold during the brief time that the exhibition was open to the public. Again this painting was created from photographs I took while visiting the area some years ago, and I aimed to convey the drama of the brooding weather and the striking coastal landscape as it was when I visited.


Art for Sale


I sell my original prints and paintings (and occasionally other media) along with fine art reproductions and greeting cards on-line through my shops on Etsy and Folksy, I also sell and auction prints on Ebay. The work I create for sale are bright and cheerful, modestly priced, designed to brighten up your day, perhaps remind you of a happy holiday or a special moment, or simply take you out of your surroundings for a while and cheer up your day.


Q & A


If there's anything you'd like to know about any aspect of my work, please e-mail me at kayfletcherart@btinternet.com and I'll do my best to answer you.


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