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Published WorkPublications


Pulsar March 2009, Ed. 1/09 (51)

In Love With Materials - Poem


Rain Dog Issue 14

Noise - Poem
Blue Skies, Silver Linings
- Poem


14 Magazine Issue 3

Versions - Poem


Supernatural Tales 9

The Lusty Monk - Short Story


All Hallows - 40

Next To Godliness - Short Story



Pot Of Gold - Short Story
Gifts - Short Story
Dramatised for publication on tape by 
Gateshead Council in a talking newspaper
for the blind

Writer's Forum June 2003

Guttenberg Project Puts A Library In The Palm Of Your Hand - Feature

Writer's Reign

How I Self-Published My Novel On CD Rom - Feature
A re-print of the Writer's Forum article, 
available as a PDF download from the
Writer's Reign website.

Writer's Forum March 2003

How I Self-Published My Novel On CD Rom - Feature

Monomyth Supplement Four

Digital Ambition - Feature

Crystal, The Magazine For Writers

Self-publishing - Feature


Searching For The Reincarnated
Novel on CD Rom, ISBN: 0 9543291 0 4
Pub: The Jenny Haniver

Birmingham Noir - Anthology
ISBN: 0 9535895 9 5
Pub: Tindal Street Press

Pest Control - Short Story

Supernatural Tales No. 3

Reservoirs - Short Story

Take A Break's Fiction Feast
A Thrilling Night In - Short Story
Writing as 'Kezia Finch'

Best - Issue 29
No Upward Chain - Short Story
Writing as 'Kezia Finch'

Take A Break - Issue 15
Have You Any Larger Ones?
Short Story

Writing as Kezia Finch


Aalst Magazine - December

Uniforms - Short Story

Psychotrope - Issue 9

Good Quality Coat - Short Story

Unhinged On-line Jan & April

Creative Ambitions Award
In January 2001 I was awarded a Creative 
Ambitions Award from West Midlands Arts
for self-development and to create a
short piece of hypertext fiction


The Scribble Anthology of Ghost Stories

His Shady Lady - Short Story

The Dream Zone - Issue 5

Bumps And Grinds - Short Story

Enigmatic Tales Number 8

Sap - Short Story

Planet Prozak Issue 9

Decibels - Short Story

Roadworks - Competition Winners

Lawn - Short Story

In 2000 I begin my on-line existence, exploring the possibilities of this medium.


Ghosts & Scholars

The Peewold Amphisbaena - Short Story


Raw Edge - Issue Four

Carousel - Poem

Orbis No. 107

Precision - Poem

Magma - 9 - Spring 1997

Pat A Cake - Poem

The Interpreter's House 5

The Cardiologists Wife Grieve's When He's Away, She Imagine's How... - Poem

The Rialto No 36

Poems To Talk To The Dead - Poem


Magma 8

Us, As Fossils - Poem

Scratch 14

Floating Chrysanthemums - Poem
Cinema Girl - Poem

Writing Women Vol 12 No. 3

A Visit From The Dolphins - Poem
Pilot Light - Poem

Other Poetry Vol II No, 4

Pigeon Ritual - Poem

Smith's Knoll 12

Freezer - Poem


Iota No. 31

Evening In - Poem


Inkshed Issue ?

Honeymoon - Short Story

Fiction Furnace Vol 1 No. 3

Bones - Short Story

The Frogmore Papers No. 42

Biker, A Fantasy Inspired by Ambition - Poem

The Rialto No. 26

They Shall Take Up Snakes - Poem

Envoi - 104

Evolution - Poem
Standing At The Back Of Damien Hurst's
Shark At The Saatchi Gallery
- Poem
In Bed
- Poem

Short Stories from writers in The Midlands

Pub:  Forward Press
ISBN: 1 874304 14 9

Train Of Thought - Short Story


People To People No. 13

Burning Shelley - Poem
God's A Salesman - Poem
Treasure Hunt - Poem


People To People

Poems from 'Blackberry Jam (??) - Poems


Blackberry Jam

Poetry pamphlet
Self-published and illustrated


Cover of Pulsar


Cover of Rain Dog


Cover of Fourteen Magazine


Cover of  Supernatural Tales


Cover of All Hallows


Cover of Take A Break


Cover of Birmingham Noir


Cover of Psychotrope


Cover of Enigmatic Tales


Cover of Planet Prozak


Cover of Ghosts and Scholars


Cover of Orbis


Cover of Magma


Cover of Scratch


Cover of Writing Women


Cover of Other Poetry


Cover of Smith's Knoll


Cover of Iota


Cover of Frogmore Papers


Cover of the Rialto


Cover of Envoi


Cover of Paper Clips


Cover of Blackberry Jam





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