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I am an artist living and working in the West Midlands.

My current visual work falls into two categories - pen and ink drawings and small linocut prints which I sell on-line.

You can explore both strands of my practice in the gallery of this website.

I hope you enjoy your stay in my virtual gallery!


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I am pleased that my linocut Autumn Dancer and my pen and ink drawing The Baby and The Bindweed have both been accepted for the Open All Media 2018 exhibition at the Royal Birmingham Society's of Artists gallery.

The exhibition is open now until 31st March 2018.

If you can't get to the gallery to see the exhibition, the RBSA have posted the entire exhibition on their Flickr Feed, so you can visit the exhibition virtually by clicking here.

Autumn Dancer Recuction Linocut Print

Autumn Dancer

Linocut Print




I am really pleased that my two pieces are to be shown at the RBSA's open because together they demonstrate the two main areas my work is focused upon at the moment.

I have been making linocuts for a year now. Small prints are available to purchase on-line via Ebay and Etsy. They are bright and cheerful, modestly priced, designed to brighten up your day and maybe remind you of a happy holiday or to take you out of your mundane surroundings for a while.

Autumn Dancer is the largest reduction linocut I have produced so far at 43cm x 33cm. Like all of my smaller prints it is hand pressed using the back of a spoon, but for Autumn Dancer I also used a Japanese Baren and an electric iron (unplugged of course!).

I like linocuts because they present me with the opportunity to combine a graphic element with colour. Not quite paintings, not quite drawings, but a happy bridge somewhere in between.



The Baby and The Bindweed Pen and Ink Drawing

The Baby and The Bindweed

Pen and Ink




The Baby and The Bindweed represents what has been my longest standing and most consistent visual practice - pen and ink drawing. I have worked since secondary school in this medium, using dip pen with India or acrylic ink. My pen and ink drawings take weeks or sometimes months to complete. Until last year they were almost exclusively landscape, featuring trees (sometimes marked with grafitti) and water, features which have a personal poetic significance as well as being the physical representation of an object.

I have always thought in terms of stories and poems as well as images. I used to write fiction and poetry but now I focus my energy on visual art. Last year I began to chanel my story telling into my pen and ink drawings.

The Baby and The Bindweed is one of what I think of as my Black Country pictures, imagined folk tales fueled by my love of folk music (particularly the gloomy kind - nearly always rural and full of ghosts and dark doings). I love the countryside, the sea and all the free places where you can move without constraint. Once upon a time, I imagine, the constricting urban environment in which I live had its rural and unrestricted places too. Photographs from a hundred years ago (or less) show factories existing side by side with the plough and sheaths of golden corn.

So the drawings I have been making about the old (possibly fictitious) Black Country are my own very personal whimsies. Melancholy, mysterious, half in-half out world that is as fragile as a dandilion clock, as portentious as dark cloud above the ocean.


Occasionally I tweet (very occasionally)

I also post news about my artwork, new items for sale in my shop or exhibitions, again it's occasional - find these sporadic postings on Facebook

I have discontinued by blog Perfectible Spark, but you can take a look at the archive going back 9 years here

You can purchase modestly priced small linocut prints on Ebay where I call myself Itsypics.


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